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Widmer ~ Gasthaus Pub

Located on the east bank of the Willamette river and just north of the Convention Center / Rose Garden area is the Widmer Brewing and Gasthaus Pub.

The pub may have a unique name (one which I always have a hard time remembering), but it is well worth finding.  In a beautiful brick building and containing a warm, friendly atmosphere, the Gasthaus is for sure a place to go experience. 

On tap, of course, is the full offerings of the Widmer Brewery.  They always seem to have new beers on tap and are more than happy to give sample tasting.  It is a great opportunity to find that new special beer or seasonal offering.



The food is good and they seem to add new things to the menu from time to time.  Several of the dishes might even be spiked with a little beer flavoring, to make them extra special.


We weren't very hungry so just ordered a cheese fondue appetizer and a couple of beers.  The fondue plate came out quickly and was very tasty as well.  A good helping of bread, tasty cheese, and a big sausage.  It all went very well with my Nelson Imperial IPA!

To our surprise, the table next to us ordered some delicious looking desserts.  I had never really looked at their dessert menu before so we decided to give it a try.  We ordered two items to share since making a single choice was next to impossible since everything sounded so good.  I ordered the bread pudding with ice cream and she got a chocolate, banana, peanut butter pie creation.

When the dessert was served, I was very envious as the pie looked absolutely amazing!  My bread pudding looked good (we always argue over who ordered the best food) but just not as much eye appeal.  When I took a bite of the bread pudding, I was no longer  disappointed.  It was truly the best I have ever had.  I believe they used a very dark beer in the making of the pudding so it had a very special flavor.  The peanut butter and banana pie was also very good, but I believe I won the challenge.  Who would have thought of a brew pub as a great dessert place as well?

Both desserts were so good that I forgot to take pictures when they were first served.  Sorry, I guess we will just have to go back and ordered them again sometime!  ;)


They do have their MENU online and also have a retail store next door where you can purchase glasses, shirts, and even bottles or kegs of beer to take home.


955 N. Russell

Portland, OR 97227