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The Homeplace Restaurant


 3/4/2012 ~ Located in the beautiful town of Silverton, Oregon is a wonderful small town restaurant called "The Homeplace."

It is unique in the fact that there are two restaurants in one!  As you walk through the front door you are directed to make a choice of turning left to go to the Pizza Parlor or make a sharp right to find the regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner family style restaurant.  A tough choice to make since I have found both to have excellent service and food!

For lunch or dinner, I prefer the pizza parlor section.  Now that I think about it, I have never sampled the dinner on the other side.  Every time I open the front door the mouthwatering aroma of fresh pizza draws me to the left side.

I usually order the "Steph Special" which has an abundant helping of pepperoni, pineapple, and sausage (the best sausage I have every had on a pizza).  I added black olives and tomatoes to the order and it makes a perfect combination for my taste buds to enjoy.

I ordered the large size and I believe it to be a great value for only $18.50 which includes the extra toppings.  It was more than enough food for the two of us plus a box full of leftovers for the next day.

The pizza is made right in front of you and comes out cooked to perfection.  All the toppings tasted very fresh!  For me, this is truely the best tasting pizza anywhere around the Salem ~ Keizer area.


They do offer a small selection of beer on tap to wash it all down.  Also, they have an assortment of games to keep the kids and the young at heart happy.  You can also order your pizza ahead of time and pick up at the drive through window.

The right side of the restaurant is where I have gone to eat breakfast often.  The food is "Good Homestyle Cooking" type and nothing super fancy but good tasting and reasonably priced.  (I have taken my kids here often and am always surprised at how low the bill is when its time to pony up.)

My only complaint about the restaurant is that the coffee is just ok for my taste.  A little on the weak side and old roadside diner flavor.  I do like my coffee very strong (espresso) flavored so if you prefer weaker coffee then this might actually be a good thing for you.

If you live in Salem area, make the beautiful drive out to Silverton and enjoy the breakfast offerings or the best pizza around.  The extra money on fuel will be offset by the reasonably priced menu.

And, if you have time, the city park is truly beautiful and there are lots of other businesses to check out around town.  Make a day of it, get out of the big city, and enjoy!

1080 N First St.

Silverton, OR  97381

503 873-6391


They have a great website with menu & hours:




Monday - Thursday:  5 am to 10 pm

Friday:  5 am to 11 pm

Saturday:  6 am to 11 pm

Sunday:  7 am to 10 pm