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The Mt. Angel Glockenspiel

About a month ago I visited this restaurant.  It came about because of a last minute Friday night invite by a friend.  I had no idea what to expect as I really hadn't heard about it previously. 

To my pleasant surprise we had a wonderful time and a great meal!  A very unusual dinner experience not normally found so close to Salem.

Atmosphere was lively and unique with the feeling you had traveled out of the country.  Everything felt very clean and inviting and service was good.

We started off with some samples of the cheese fondue, much to our liking.  (I'm actually craving the fondue right now as I write and would go back for it alone!)

They offered some great German beers on tap which added to the whole experience.

Dinner offerings were good and slightly unusual as well.  I remember walking out very full and satisfied. 


Below is some of their info:


The Glockenspiel Restaurant: Mt. Angel's Newest Fine Dining Experience

The Mt. Angel Glockenspiel

Rising 49 feet at the corner of Charles and Garfield streets in the center of town, Mt. Angelís Glockenspiel celebrates the Native-German-Swiss-Bavarian heritage of the village and our world-famous Oktoberfest held each fall.

Wherever Glockenspiels are located they become tourist destinations and this one is no exception. Crowds gather at the appointed hour to watch the figures as they dance about and to listen to the resonance of the bells. The performances (and the crowd) have often stopped trafic for a short spell. (Performances occur daily at: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.)

Whatís unique about the Mt. Angel Glockenspiel is that it chronicles the history of the Willamette Valley and of Mt. Angel specifically. Itís series of figures each symbolically or factually represent a part of this unique history: