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The Tap Room & Seven Brides Brewing



March, 2012 ~ Headed out to Silverton last weekend and finally had the chance to visit Seven Brides Brewing and sample some of their beer and food.

I had heard some mixed reviews so thought I should go see for myself.  I really didn't know what to expect, even though I had driven past many times.  Upon entering, I was surprised at how nice the atmosphere was and how welcoming feeling the restaurant is.  They even had a full stocked bar and served mixed drinks as well as their own beer and an extensive wine list.

I looked over the beer list, a little confused where to start since they had many selections to choose from.  The bartender was extremely helpful and patient and helped me settle on the Emily's Ember Ale.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it!

Ashley ordered the Oatmeal Ellie Stout which was very dark and flavorful as well.  Both beers seemed very well crafted with tons of appeal and unique flavor. 


For Dinner, I ordered a Pulled Pork Sandwich which tasted great.  It was served with a salad as well, which was excellent and much higher grade lettuce then you normally seem to receive from some other places.  I guess they make their own dressing which was delicious as well.

Ashley ordered a Cajun Shrimp and pasta dish which sounded great.  It included a salad, which she received first and was very please with.  Upon getting the main dish, she was disappointed as the shrimp was really tough / chewy and tasted very fishy and old.  It was a huge surprise, because the dinner was presented very well and looked appetizing?  I'm guessing maybe she just had bad luck that night, and the shrimp had gotten a little too old.

We are both people that usually never complain, but when the bartender asked how our food was she couldn't help but let her know.  She immediately took the dish away and then came back and informed us it would be taken off the tab.

We ended up getting an apple crisp with ice-cream for dessert to share.  It was good and can be seen below:

We will go back and give them another try sometime.  The food was good, but not truly to die for.  Service was great.  They did have some interesting sounding dishes, but probably just need to work the kinks out of a few of them.  The atmosphere is good, with a great offering of local wine and beer.  They even brew coffee from Silver Falls Coffee Co.  Lots of potential and room to improve.


990 N. First Street
Silverton, Oregon 97381