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 ***   STEAM HEAT appears to be CLOSED now ***

Steam Heat


***   STEAM HEAT appears to be CLOSED now ***

The other morning I headed into Steam Heat in Keizer for my usual morning latte.  I use to go in there once in a while but haven't tried in out for some time.  No particular reason for not frequenting it lately other then I'm not usually driving by at the right time.

In the past, I have always been happy with the service from the main barista who seems to be a permanent fixture at the counter.  I can't recall ever going in there without her working.

To my pleasant surprise as I approached the counter there she was just as happy and friendly as could be.  She got busy making my usual non-fat mocha and chatted it up a bit.  It seems as if I was a cast member in the groundhog movie .............. since it had been quite some time since I had visited and I couldn't decipher anything had changed.


The coffee was made perfectly, as always, and the shop was clean with most of the tables full of regulars.  Atmosphere is nice, warm, and inviting, and if you are lucky enough you can grab one of the fancy chairs around the fireplace.

They also have a good sampling of games to borrow to keep you or your kids occupied.

Steam Heat does not have a drive up window so it is more of a place to sit down and enjoy the nice atmosphere.  Take a book, a friend, your laptop, or just people watch.

My only real complaint is that the parking spaces can be a bit tight when driving my big diesel pu.  Not really a fault of the business, but just the way it is at our modern strip mall parking lots. 

You can find Steam Heat across the way from Bi-Mart along River Rd. in Keizer.  Enjoy!

3860 River Rd North

Keizer, OR 97303

(503) 393- 4595


 ***   STEAM HEAT appears to be CLOSED now ***




***   STEAM HEAT appears to be CLOSED now ***